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The Foundation

Telluride had been truly blessed with not only visual splendor and outdoor recreation delights, but also by an incredible spirit of community. Our region's extraordinary endeavors in charitable causes are the building blocks of this community which enrich the quality of life and nourish the soul of the region.

The Telluride Foundation offers you the opportunity to make a positive difference in the Telluride region and help ensure the vitality of our regional community now and in the future. Area residents, full-time and part-time, turn to Telluride Foundation to make their philanthropic giving as effective as possible.

We are a community foundation serving thousands of people who share a common concern - improving the quality of life in the Telluride region. Individuals, families, businesses and organizations give unrestricted gifts for the community or create permanent charitable funds through the Foundation. These gifts help our community meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. The Foundation invests and administers these funds. We then use the distributions to award grants each year to the organizations serving this remarkable place we all cherish. The Foundation also serves as an invaluable resource for the nonprofit community: it provides support and training for all areas of organizational operations to improve the effectiveness of local nonprofits in fulfilling their individual missions.

Please join our journey and contact us to help make more possible.


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