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TELLURIDE GIVES 12.12.12 Click Here for more information
Telluride Gives 12.12.12


Who: We are asking YOU & everyone who loves this community to make a donation (big or small) to one of the 40 nonprofits on during 12.12.12. Our goal is to get everyone who is part of the Telluride Community: full time, part time, any time, to give and be involved..


What: The Telluride Foundation and other local nonprofit organizations hope that every single citizen will log-on to and contribute for the benefit of local charities. Donors search for and choose a nonprofit and give directly to something that will make a difference and celebrate the magic of the Telluride region. This is an opportunity for everyone who cares about the Telluride region to give collectively to the community.


When: 12.12.12 of course! The giving starts at 8a.m. on 12.12.12 and ends at 6p.m. on 12.14.12


Why: ‘Tis the season of giving and remembering the hard work of the great philanthropic organizations that help shape and make Telluride so great. AND, the top four organization will share in $2,400 donated prize money from Telluride Rentals!


How: It's easy!


Visit after 8a.m. on 12.12.12 Select a nonprofit (or two or three...) and make a donation to their worthy cause (minimum donation of $10 & no maximum) Keep track of the Leader Board throughout the give days Listen to KOTO for updates all day on 12.12.12



Thank you to Telluride Rentals for the generous sponsorship